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Ruma Kookako

Year 7 & 8

Ruma Kookako is a space full of senior learners curious about the world around them. The class consists of Year 7-8 akonga who are encouraged to be active leaders both within the school and community.

Students in Kookako engage in learning both within the classroom and visiting local sites.

Mr Willis is the kaiako in this space.  He has over 15 years teaching experience and brings a love of teaching this age group to the classroom.

A huge focus at Te Pahu and in Kookako is developing the students ability to self-manage and participate within a range of settings. Students are challenged to take ownership of their learning, developing their goals and seeking learning opportunities to help them grow. As seniors of the school, they are also leaders, helping with learning, games, and during events. Kookako students are encouraged to be the role models of the school modelling the values at all times.

In Ruma Kookako, learners are PROUD. Take Personal Responsibility, Opportunities, build Understanding, and Determination