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Parent/Caregiver Information


8:15am Children welcome onsite

9:00am Class Mihi Whakatau – Learning Block 1

10:00am to 10:10am Brain Break

11:00am – 11:20am Morning Tea

11:20am – 12:45pm Learning Block 2

12:45pm – 1:30pm Lunch Time

1:30pm – 3:00pm Learning Block 3

Students should arrive at school and leave school at reasonable times unless they are involved in supervised school activities. For student safety, we ask parents/caregivers to ensure that their child arrives at school after 8:15 am and have left the school grounds by 3:15 pm. A before and after school care programme is available. Parents/Caregivers can contact

Grove Road
Or as the children call it the ‘first’ bus.  Arrives at school at approx 8:20 in the morning and leaves at 3:00 in the afternoon from school. This bus runs along Te Pahu Road  to Grove Road. Along Grove Road to Te Pahu Road, turning left running south along Te Pahu Road to Hodgson Road, along Rosborough Road. Turning left back on to Te Pahu Road. Turning left into Corcoran Road, turning and returning to school along Te Pahu Road.
Loop Road
The ‘last’ bus run arrives at school at 8:55 and leaves in the afternoon at 3:40. This bus goes along Te Pahu Road, around Limeworks Loop Road, returning to school along Te Pahu Road

We have an optional school uniform at Te Pahu School. You can order hoodies, polos, house t-shirts and hats through the school office. Sun hats are compulsory in terms 1 and 4.

Hoodie $64.00

School Polo $54.00

House T-Shirt from $23.00

Wide Brimmed Hat $20.00

Bucket Hat $19.00

Officemax provide a service for Te Pahu School that allows you to go online, choose your class and order your books.  They also offer a delivery service for orders placed.  Please ensure you order in plenty of time to receive your items prior to school starting.

Alternatively you can print off the classroom stationery list and visit your usual shop.  

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